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Jul 26

For Sale. Group of 4 adult Vanzolini. Need the tank gone so selling the group. Always on the go chasing each other and calling. £240




Do you have a photo of the viv aswell please mike? Apart from the group of 4 adults how many more do you have for sale? Thankyou

Hi Baron. Sorry for the slow reply, i`ve been away delivering frogs. I have a few Vanzo froglets ready to go, and also a few Arena Blanca which will be a little while yet. The froglets are all £50 each. The problem with the tank is that is big and heavy as it`s made of 6mm glass and a bitch to move. But the layout of it isn`t all that great and really needs ripped out and redone, which i`m not willing to do.

Hi Mike, that’s ok not to worry. Do you ok thankyou a friend is looking to start keeping darts and I’m just seeing what’s about really. Regarding the tank what size is it please? And how much are you looking to sell it for? If you have a photo that would be fab 👍 cheers baron

I hadn`t actually thought about selling it. I also stay in NE Scotland so transporting it probably isn`t feasable as it doesn`t lend itself to sitting in the back of a car. It would be so much easier for you to pick up a tank locally or have Dale Emms make one and deliver it.

Oh right sorry I must have misunderstood I thought you were wanting to seek the tank with the frogs 🤦‍♂️ sorry. I don’t live that far from Dale, I bought a second hand viv from him the other week, I will be investing in one of his Vivariums very soon tho as seem a lot nicer than the Exo Terra which I currently have

If anyone wants the tank then bring it on lol. But yes I`m selling the frogs so I can bin it. I have 2 groups of Vanzos, so just letting one group go. Like you I started off with exo terras. But in time we learn the errors of our ways lol.

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